Scholarship, Research, Job Shadowing Help Julia Weiner ’19 Pursue Her Calling.

Future physician Julia Weiner ’19 enjoys chemistry.

She credits professors Edward E. Fenlon, her research adviser and chair of the chemistry department, and Scott Van Arman, one of her organic chemistry professors, for her interest in that discipline.

She says the chemistry majors are a family within the F&M family. “You become so much closer to your classmates due to the rigorous material,” she shared.

In the summers, Weiner has been completing research as a Hackman scholar. Her research last summer, with Professor Fenlon, involved “incorporating vibrational reporters into nucleosides.”

“The end goal of the research is to study the structure of DNA using infrared spectroscopy,” she explained.

Weiner has wanted to be a doctor since high school. In fact, in the fall of her senior year, she was accepted to George Washington University’s School of Medicine & Health Sciences in Washington, D.C. She’s been shadowing doctors at Lancaster General Hospital since her sophomore year at F&M, through the preceptorship program run by F&M’s Office of Student and Post-Graduate Development.

“My mentor is an anesthesiologist,” she said, “and, with his help, I’ve been able to witness many different types of surgeries.”

What does Weiner see in medicine’s future?

“There are always new developments,” she said. “The medical field is getting more efficient. For example, we’re using robots now, more and more. I think the future will be preventative medicine… preventing disease and illness.”

Weiner lived in New College House all four years, and was a member of her college house’s sustainability committee.

“I really have made friends and family during my time here that I will never forget,” Weiner said. “It’s been very special meeting people who are as academically driven as you are. Receiving financial aid in the form of scholarships allows me to afford this wonderful education and experience; I am grateful to F&M’s donors for their support.”