A Word from the President

When F&M invited me to become the College’s 16th president, my heart soared. Here was a chance to serve an institution that I have admired for many reasons—the ambition of its students, the high standards of its faculty, the caring spirit of its people, the distinct quality of mind of its graduates, the power of the College’s history, and the breadth of its vision. This is F&M today: a national leader in higher education, an exceptional center of the liberal arts and a defining home for all talented students. Our faculty and professional staff stand side by side with our students as educators and mentors, advisers and advocates. Our parents and alumni invest in F&M, help its students and offer opportunities for professional growth. Our volunteers and donors contribute time and resources to support scholarly, pre-professional and creative engagements that distinguish an F&M education.

The next great advance in the College’s stature and impact now lies within our grasp. Called by the selfless efforts of those whose work has built the F&M of today, we can establish a fresh benchmark for combining intellectual growth with personal attention. We can take F&M to a new level of achievement in the arts and sciences, in scholarship and service. In doing so, we can lift F&M to a new level of national prominence.

I ask you to embark with us on this campaign because we as a community value what this College represents and the difference that it makes to students—and to the world around us. Through strategic investments in academic excellence, the campus experience, and support for every student every day, we can build on F&M’s greatest strengths. We can give the next generation of stellar students, regardless of their economic circumstances, the chance to attain an F&M education and all it means for life’s opportunities. And we will create the best-prepared generation of alumni that F&M has ever produced.

This campaign site explains more about these goals and the people of the College who bring them to life. The mission of F&M matters, ever-greater impact beckons, and now is the time for action. Please join us.

Barbara K. Altmann, Ph.D.
16th President of Franklin & Marshall College

Priorities & Progress

Advancing Academic Excellence

$98.9 Million
$0 $65 $130

The continued distinction of a powerful F&M education hinges on the caliber of our students and their faculty.

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Strengthening an Extraordinary Student Experience

$37.6 Million
$0 $25 $50

We will invest in initiatives that connect our stellar curriculum to creative and influential learning opportunities beyond the classroom.

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Supporting Every Student Every Day

$18.4 Million
$0 $10 $20

This campaign makes an unprecedented commitment to the Franklin & Marshall Fund to enhance the College’s tradition of excellence for every student every day.

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